Tuesday, January 25, 2011

January 25th, 2011 Photo-a-Day for Jet Tilton Photography! Old run-down Caboose, and would you think that this was in a railroad museum, or by the tracks? No, this is a piece of Collin County, TX history in that this caboose is located on what was once a dude-ranch. It is fenced off to the public, but contained several buildings for guests, a windmill for water, this old caboose, a large pool, and several old "western-looking" buildings! Only once saw a sign with a name and date in the 80's there, now surrounded by houses and strip malls! What remains of this mystery dude ranch is located close to La Cima in Stonebridge Ranch, McKinney. If anyone knows what this was, let me know! More daily pics to come!

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